Cobra Movie Sinhala Subtitles

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Cobra Movie Sinhala Subtitles
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Cobra Movie Sinhala Subtitles

Cobra Movie Details

Cobra Movie Sinhala Subtitles
  • Category : Crime, Mystery
  • Main Cast : Vikram, Srinidhi Shetty
  • Release Date : 31st of August 2022
  • Director : R. Ajay Gnanamuthu
  • Budget : INR 1 Billion

Cobra Movie Story

Cobra Movie Sinhala Subtitles, A Turkish Interpol official, Aslan Yilmaz researches the deaths of Chief Minister of Odisha and Prince of Scotland, where he, alongside a youthful crime analyst, Judith Samson, derive that Cobra, who is known for executing impeccable deaths, is the brains behind the deaths. The pair get inputs with respect to Cobra’s business as usual, where they discover that Cobra kills his objectives utilizing numerical abilities, persuading them to think that he is a teacher of math. Madhiazhagan “Madhi” is a science teacher, who is really Cobra, accepts his next task from his tutor and senior columnist in Kolkata, Nellaiappan. He is to kill the Russia’s protection serve, Dmitri Yugolsav. He goes to Russia and figures out how to effectively kill him and getaway, regardless of tight security from the Interpol.


Subsequent to examining, Aslan discovers that the casualties are associated with a business big shot, Rajeev Rishi, who runs an organization named Rishi Corporation. After his commitment to his criminalogist sweetheart and Judith’s educator, Bhavana Menon, Madhi discovers that Nellaippan has been grabbed and discovers that another person has designated him. After a hint from Sudoku, Madhi gets a call from the individual, who is Madhi’s doppelganger, where he moves Madhi to save himself from him. In a new developments, it is uncovered that the individual who is alluded to as Madhi is really Kathir, Madhi’s schizophrenic tragically missing twin sibling, and the individual who tested Kathir, is the genuine Madhi. Rishi sends men to catch Madhi, however Kathir figures out how to kill them. Madhi had been holding resentment against Kathir, as he was liable for the passing of his sweetheart, Jennifer Rosario, who was the little girl of the city police magistrate.


Madhi arranged retribution in the wake of finding out about Kathir’s way of life as Cobra, and he was the person who was sending hints about the deaths to the Interpol. Madhi gives up Kathir to Aslan, where Anand Subramaniam, the exploring official and Rishi’s mole, takes Madhi’s assistance to catch Kadhir. Kathir carries them to Madhi’s hideaway which is a shopping center under-development. Rishi shows up and a battle follows between the pack and Madhi, where he effectively figures out how to quell them. Madhi faces Kathir about Jennifer’s passing. Kathir uncovers that he had sorted out for Madhi and Jennifer to leave for Bangladesh, however her dad followed her and killed her. Subsequent to clearing the misconception, Kathir secures Madhi in a room and kills Rishi and his men. Nonetheless, he has chance all the while and bites the dust, leaving Madhi and Bhavana crushed.

Cobra Movie Cast



Srinidhi Shetty

Bhavana Menon

Robo Shankar


K.S. Ravikumar

Crime Dep

Irfan Pathan

Aslan Yilmaz


Women Cope

Sarjano Khalid

Cobra Brother

Mohammad Ali


Cobra Movie Crew


R. Ajay Gnanamuthu


Harish Kannan


A.R. Rahman


  • Lalit Kumar
  • Arun Vishwa

Art Direction


Film Editing by

Bhuvan Srinivasan

VFX Edit

Mohammad Afshanifarid


  • Shreya Ghoshal
  • Sreekanth Hariharan
  • Ainul Huq
  • Sarthak Kalyani
  • Hentry Kuruvilla
  • Petr Pycha
  • A.R. Rahman


  • Karandeep Singh
  • Preetisheel Singh
  • Baldev Varma


Dhilip Subbarayan

Cobra Movie Trailer

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Cobra Trailer
Review Overview
Filming 10 out of 10
Camera 10 out of 10
Production 10 out of 10
Directing 10 out of 10
Songs 9.5 out of 10
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