Shamshera Movie Sinhala Subtitles

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shamshera sinhala subtitles
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Shamshera Movie Sinhala Subtitles

Shamshera Movie Details

  • Category : Action, Drama
  • Main Cast : Ranbeer, Sanjay, Vaani
  • Release Date : 22nd of July 2022
  • Director : Karan Malhotra
  • Budget : INR 150 Crore

Shamshera Movie Story

1891: Balli is a tribesman from the Khameran clan, who tries to turn into a cop where he requests to give a test to him, to a scheming Indian cop named Shudh Singh. Shudh Singh requests that he beat a youngster to demonstrate his value, and Balli declines and assumes the kid’s position and bears the discipline. That evening, Balli finds out about his dad Shamshera’s past.


1871: Shamshera is a Khameran tribesman, who alongside his kin was mistreated by individuals of Kaza due to rank and status separation. Because of this, Shamshera counterattacks and plunders the realm, which prompts Kaza, making an unfortunate standing against the Khamerans. The rulers and the well off men of the realm look for the assistance of the British to drive away the Khameran clan from their town woodland. The British acknowledge the arrangement in return for 5000 gold coins.


The Britishers assault the Khameran clan, however Shamshera and the ancestral individuals battle boldly and the Britishers escape. Shamshera gets a message that their clan could live calmly and recover their lost regard in the event that they vowed to quit pillaging Kaza and move to a stronghold outside the city premises. Shamshera and his men show up at the woods where they understand that it is a snare driven by Shudh Singh, and are caught where they are tormented cruelly.


Shamshera is advised by the British to give 10,000 gold coins, in return for saving the Khameran clan. Understanding that the arrangement would be hard to accomplish inside the post. Shamshera devises a game plan to assist the clan with getting away from the post, yet without much of any result where he informs his significant other concerning his arrangement to approach himself as a swindler and furthermore advises her to concoct a story to save the clan from winding up dead. Shamshera attempts to escape by climbing the mass of the fortification where the officials in-control spots Shamshera and shoots him, leaving Shamshera injured and later getting hanged by Shudh Singh. Accepting the Shamshera is a double crosser, The clan fosters a scorn against him, in this manner passing on reality to be covered.


1891: After learning reality, Balli fakes his passing and escapes from the stronghold with the assistance of Shamshera’s confided in partner Pir Baba. At the point when Shamshera chose to move to the post, a couple of Khamerans chose to remain back, where they are presently dwelling in a town named Nagina, and had disguised their characters, doing all frivolous positions in the town professionally and they were sitting tight for Shamshera, as he would come and assist them with recovering their lost regard and nobility.


As exhorted by Pir Baba, and with the assistance of a neighborhood artist named Sona, Balli begins stealing from the rich individuals of Kaza and alludes himself as Shamshera. The British General is stressed over the new Shamshera. Shudh Singh welcomes the General for his wedding, where the General derive that Shamshera would come to the wedding. Balli can take the gold from Shudh Singh’s wedding, however his most youthful gangster is shot by the cruel cop.


With the data given by a gangster of Balli, Shudh Singh conducts a crackdown and seizes all the gold that the group had taken as of recently, where Sona (who is pregnant with Balli’s youngster) is gotten by Shudh Singh, where he endeavors to kill her and Balli’s kid, yet the General stops him. However sorrowful, Balli plans to take the Queen’s Crown, which should show up at Kaza.


Regardless of tight security, Balli takes the Queen’s crown and puts a smudge on the British General’s standing. Balli makes an arrangement with the General to free the Khamerans, in return for the Queen’s Crown. The General concurs and Balli gets back with the enduring individuals from his team to the Kaza Fortress. Shudh Singh kills the British powers, and accuses Balli, and assumes the praise for returning the crown to the sovereign, yet overlooks finding fault with Khamerans.


The Khamerans find out about Shamshera’s penance from Pir Baba, where they get angered and breaks the stronghold’s entryways to battle close by Balli. They butcher the police force. Balli battles Shudh Singh, and he drapes Shudh Singh similarly, in which he hanged Shamshera. Balli passes on the Queen’s Crown to the British General, because of him having saved Sona’s life. The Khamerans ride close by Balli, and are confident that they will actually want to carry on with an honorable life from this point forward.

Shamshera Movie Cast

Ranbir Kapoor


Sanjay Dutt


Vaani Kapoor


Ronit Roy

Pir Baba

Saurabh Shukla

Doodh Singh



Tridha Choudhury


Iravate Harshi

Bali's Mother

Shamshera Movie Crew


Karan Malhotra


Anay Goswami


Mithun Sharma


Aditya Chopra

Art Direction

  • Rachna Mandal
  • Naidita Singh

Film Editing by

Shivkumar V. Panicker

VFX Edit

Bogdan Amidzic


  • Divyam Agarwal
  • Shravan Jakkula


  • Amit Amberkar
  • Goswami Soamaa


  • Rais Abid Baluch
  • Marlon Braaf
  • Armando De Leca
  • Abhishek Dwivedi

Shamshera Movie Trailer

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Review Overview
Filming 8.5 out of 10
Camera 9.0 out of 10
Production 9.5 out of 10
Directing 9 out of 10
Songs 9.5 out of 10
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