7 Great Things to Do in Kandy

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7 Great Things to Do in Kandy

7 Great Things to Do in Kandy

Numerous voyagers come to Sri Lanka for the white-sand sea shores and legendary surf; however right at the island’s rocky emerald-wrapped heart lies a profound, enchanting region loaded with tea estates, cloudy slopes, and those popular blue train carriages.


The doorway to all of this slope country activity (and the best train venture on the planet!) is Kandy; City of Kings, Sri Lanka’s subsequent city and the island’s undisputed authentic and social capital.


Safeguarded by its geographic position and less-open territory, the strong old Kingdom of Kandy had the option to hold off the progression of both the Portuguese and Dutch colonizers through the 1500s and 1600s, turning into the last standing stronghold of free Ceylon. In doing as such, the city had the option to protect the novel traditions, culture, and expressions that had been vigorously curbed somewhere else in the nation – until 1815 when it at last capitulated to British rule.


Today, that social safeguarding lives on in the city’s numerous critical social and noteworthy destinations, shaping the reason for every one of the absolute best activities in Kandy. The most popular of these is the Temple of the Tooth artifact; Buddhism’s most significant strict hallowed place, and said to be the area of a part of Buddha’s tooth.


In any case, Kandy is likewise far beyond its main fascination; it’s a city of wonderful disarray, with its clamoring roads, old sanctuaries, provincial engineering, privileged gardens and the great Kandy lake shaping the scenery to an ideal few days among Sri Lanka’s lavish green slopes.


There are such countless extraordinary things to see and do in Kandy, and we enthusiastically suggest putting in a couple of days in the city to take everything in.

Where is Kandy

Set among the cloudy slopes and thick backwoods of Sri Lanka’s focal area, Kandy is situated around three hours north-east from the capital of Colombo.


Kandy is one of the biggest and most socially huge urban communities in Sri Lanka, with a populace of around 110,000 calling the city home.

When to Visit Kandy, Sri Lanka

Because of its situation in the sloping focal locale of Sri Lanka, Kandy has a wetter and cooler environment than the greater part of the country.


For ideal atmospheric conditions, we suggest visiting Kandy among January and April. Albeit the weather conditions might be marginally hotter and damp, the days will be (for the most part) downpour free. From May to July, and from October to December, the area encounters its two rainstorm seasons, during which time the weather conditions is wetter and more unpredictable.


We’ve visited Kandy in both April and November, and keeping in mind that the two seasons were sensible, November was far wetter, which made it much harder to see all that we needed. On the in addition to side, it was absent any and all sightseers and more straightforward to see most attractions.


It’s quite significant that Sinhalese New Year happens during the center of April, which can make getting to Kandy (or anyplace in Sri Lanka) a gigantic issue, so we’d prompt trying not to venture out to in that frame of mind over this period.

Best Hotels to Stay in Kandy

As it’s the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, accommodation for all budgets in Kandy is quite easy to come by

We’ve recommended three hotels below, but you can also search for all hotel options for Kandy, Sri Lanka using Booking.com.

#1 Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy

7 Great Things to Do in Kandy

Never has a rotting tooth held such a lot of importance to such countless individuals, yet that is the very reason that the noteworthy Temple of the Sacred Tooth and Royal Complex (Sri Dalada Maligawa) is the main fascination in Kandy.


This elaborate brilliant roofed sanctuary houses the main Buddhist artifact in Sri Lanka – a tooth of Buddha brought to the island in the fourth hundred years.


The sanctuary was worked somewhere in the range of 1867 and 1707 explicitly to respect this consecrated artifact, and the sanctuary has since a long time ago been a position of significance for both Sri Lankan and global guests. As a matter of fact, most Sri Lankans accept they need to visit the sanctuary something like once in their lives to give proper respect to the excited fortune.


Obviously, visiting the artifact was our top mission on our most memorable visit to Kandy in 2016. Unfortunately, because of confounding our entrance (standard group TCW botch making in that general area!) and the extremely short survey times, our desire wasn’t conceded. All things considered, the mission was certainly not a total disappointment; the sanctuary with its fancy carvings and bright portrayals of Buddha knocked our socks off.


Inside the fundamental hallowed place, lovers document gradually through the different rooms while heading to the coffin, adapting to leave contributions and implore unobtrusively beneath the intricate Buddhist paintings. It’s a profoundly otherworldly spot, and a calm worship floods each room.


In the event that you visit during the yearly Esala Perahera (Festival of the Tooth), you might see the tooth’s overlaid coffin marched around the city joined by 65 brightly beautified elephants

The Details

#2 Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

We love rambling city parks, and the Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya, the biggest and most broad in Sri Lanka, are among the best we’ve visited anyplace on the planet.


Assuming these nurseries feel madly fantastic, this is on the grounds that they were previously saved solely for Kandyan royals to walk around before they were changed into the Botanic Gardens in1821 at the command of the decision British.


Today, even measly average people like us are permitted to meander the grounds, which are currently home to north of 10,000 trees spread across 60 hectares. The nurseries likewise feature Sri Lanka’s all’s one of a kind greenery alongside delegate species from generally around the tropical world.


We certainly suggest visiting the great and absolutely insta-commendable road of imperial palms; a wonderful tree-lined pathway in the inside of the nurseries. The well known Orchid garden and powerful Cannonball tree, planted by King George and Queen Mary during their visit in 1901, are likewise totally worth the visit. At the point when you’re finished touring, there are likewise various sweeping yards in which to unwind and get away from the Sri Lankan heat.


We suggest remembering the nurseries for a day visit schedule, or as a component of the three sanctuary visit

The Details

How to get to Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya

  • You can hire a tuk tuk to the gardens for around LKR 400, or include the gardens in a Kandy day tour itinerary.
  • A cheaper alternative is to catch the number 644 bus from near the Kandy Clock Tower, which will take you directly to the garden, for around LKR 20.

#3 Visit the Historic Three Temple Loop of Kandy

Visit the Historic Three Temple Loop of Kandy

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth artifact may be the most significant of Kandy’s sanctuaries, however it’s certainly not by any means the only sanctuary worth visiting.


Hop in a tuk and escape the hurrying around of downtown Kandy for the day to the rich wide open of Gampola, where various Kandyan-period sanctuaries places of worship actually stand gladly over green fields and calm winding paths.


Three of these sanctuaries, Gadaladeniya Viharaya, Embekke, and Lankathilaka structure the suitably named ‘three sanctuary circle’, and act as a living history to Sri Lanka’s broad Buddhist legacy and craftsmanship.


We suggest visiting the three sanctuary circle and The Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya in one day as a component of a tuk visit.

# Gadaladeniya Viharaya

Gadaladeniya Viharaya

Dating from the fourteenth 100 years, Gadaladeniya Viharaya is worked by stone on a stone bluff and contains plated, situated Buddha sculptures. In the focal point of the sanctuary lies the Banyan tree, as well as lakes shaped on the stone face.


During our visit, we had the option to talk with the sanctuary administrator, who filled us in regarding the sanctuary’s differed history. He’s likewise an exceptionally gifted craftsman, would it be a good idea for you need to get some Sri Lankan workmanship.

# Embekke Devalaya

embekke devalaya

Embekke Devalaya was inherent the fourteenth hundred years by King Vikramabahu III, and is committed to the Hindu god Mahasen. The sanctuaries are popular for its cut wooden points of support, which portray the two people and creatures, as well as its three primary three segments, the ‘Sanctum of Garagha’, the ‘Moving Hall’ and the ‘Drummers’ Hall’, which houses the best carvings.

# Lankathilaka Viharaya

lankathilaka viharaya

The last, and as we would see it, most amazing sanctuary in external Kandy is Lankathilaka Vihara. Roosted on a rough outcrop, this fourteenth century sanctuary is one-half Buddhist, one-half Hindu, and consolidates various verifiable huge relics, including a situated Buddha picture, rock-face engravings highlighting both Sinhala and Tamil segment, and stone Elephant figures.


Set among woods, rice fields and a little town, Lankathilaka is one sanctuary we suggest you don’t miss.

The Details

#4 Bahirawakanda Viharaya Buddha Statue

The wonderful Bahirawakanda buddha sculpture sits on Bahirawa Kanda slope as though directing the day to day existence of Kandyans underneath.

Underlying 1972, the etched white sculpture is one of the tallest in Sri Lanka (at 27m in level), and should be visible from pretty much anyplace in Kandy. Bahirawakanda offers mind blowing all encompassing perspectives over the green and blue tints of Kandy and then some and is ideal to visit at nightfall when the city is washed in a brilliant shine as the sun drops behind the mountains somewhere far off.


As usual, make sure to take off shoes and caps prior to entering the sanctuary complex.

The Details

#5 Kandy to Ella Train Ride

Kandy to Ella Train Ride

They say that the excursion counts, not the objective – and we need to concede, with regards to Sri Lanka they may simply be correct.


This isn’t to imply that that the objections in the tear isle aren’t amazing (they are!); it’s simply that the clackety train tracks from Kandy to Ella are home to presumably the most madly beautiful train ride in the whole world.


Whether you’re sitting in the entryway of a packed carriage with your feet hanging over the tracks, or half-dropping through the window from your seat inside as you strain your neck through the window the best view; twisting through dim woods, verdant tea ranches, over spouting cascades and streams, and past brilliant towns and volatile local people will be one of the most essential excursions of your life.


Past the legendary perspectives, the energy makes this train ride so exceptional. Plan to be met by the absolute most certifiable grins you’ll at any point experience; gatherings of local people singing, playing drums, or moving (or doing each of the three!), merchants racing through with carafes loaded with sweet chai, and each window or entryway packed with the heads of travelers and local people the same, all gazing in shock at the perspectives and shaking for the best perspectives.


At the point when we previously visited Sri Lanka in 2016, the Kandy to Ella train ride was at this point to truly stir things up around town time, be that as it may, because of its ongoing prevalence, you want to book your movement ahead of time (generally 1 – 2 days earlier). The train may likewise be very packed (particularly during top season), so be cautioned you might have to push your direction onto the train (as long as you do this deferentially it won’t cause offense).


Second rate class might be the least expensive choice, however as we would like to think, it’s additionally awesome, as it permits you to sit/hang out of the entryways, and is loaded up with agreeable local people quick to assist you with partaking as far as you can tell.


Tip: the most picturesque piece of the excursion is from Nanu Oya to Ella, through the thick backwoods of the Horton Plains public park, so we suggest getting the seat by the window or in the middle of between the entryways, and partaking in the perspectives as they cruise by.

The Details

  • Where | Kandy train station, Kandy
  • Cost | 2nd class: LKR 240 per person, 3rd class: LKR 175 per person
  • Kandy to Ella Train Time | Express trains depart Ella to Kandy - 0847 and 1110 (subject to change)

#6 Walk to the Kandy Lake

Kandy Lake

Right at the core of Kandy is the Kandy Lake; shockingly quiet regardless of the clamoring street that breezes around it, and the setting to a significant number of the city’s significant attractions including the Temple of the Tooth Relic, and Udawattakele Forest hold.


The fake lake was worked in 1807 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last leader of the realm of Kandy, who needed to fabricate a stream to get to the opposite side of the valley. However, things didn’t exactly go to design. The nearby clans fought the work, so, all in all the lord requested they be placed to death on stakes. Grisly.


After its fruition, the island in the center was utilized for Sri Wickrama Rajasinha’s own collection of mistresses. At the point when the British at last moved in during the mid 1800s, the island turned into an ammo store.


The untainted lake is the ideal spot to get your course in Kandy, and to see a portion of the neighborhood untamed life – at a certain point, we assumed we were going to be gone after by a crocodile, just to acknowledge it was a very enormous screen reptile! Be careful their backends however, they have a could solid tail whip that you would rather not be forced to bear.


It requires about an hour to walk the lake’s circuit (simply over 3kms), and our main thing was around the area close to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

The Details

#7 Explore the Market Streets of Kandy Old Town

We love the rushing about of nearby business sectors, particularly in Sri Lanka. There’s continuously something to see, somebody to meet, or all the more significantly for Mim, something to eat.


In the middle between Sri Delada Veediya rd and Colombo st, the old town of Kandy is home to a maze of market stores offering everything from materials to incense. The boisterous and turbulent roads are loaded up with neighborhood Kandyans approaching their everyday business, and we tracked down it an extraordinary spot to figure out the ‘genuine’ Kandy.


A few sights worth looking at inside the old town incorporate the Giragama Walawwa, the most established walawwa (previous imperial structure) in Kandy, the noteworthy and staggering Red Mosque of Kandy, or the bright Kataragama Devalaya Hindu sanctuary.

The Details

  • Where | Walk the streets between Kandy Clock Tower and Colombo st.
  • Cost | Depends your buy

How to Get Around Kandy

  • Walking

Regardless of where you stay inside Kandy, it’s a really walkable city. Strolling is certainly likewise the most effective way to see the very best activities in Kandy, including the sanctuaries, markets, and different sights around the lake.


In the event that you’re going collectively or with an accomplice, it’s fine to walk the city around evening time, nonetheless, we’d prompt against this on the off chance that you’re traveling solo (this is only a standard security safeguard like you’d take elsewhere – Kandy is an extremely protected city).

  • By Tuk Tuk

Strolling is the least demanding method for investigating the significant destinations inside Kandy downtown area, however your smartest choice for investigating the external sanctuaries of Kandy and Peradeniya Gardens is recruiting a tuk.


Use applications, for example, Pick Me or Uber to book and pay for tuk-tuks as this will give you the best rates and increment security.


The city has gained notoriety for its tuk mafia – it’s vital to arrange admissions hard before you get in the tuk in Kandy, as drivers are famous for cheating clueless sightseers.

  • By Buses

Like the greater part of Sri Lanka, Kandy and its rural areas are overhauled by a steady line of transports, making it an exceptionally modest option in contrast to the city’s tuk-tuks.


The primary bus stop is situated close to Kandy station, but this administrations significant distance courses as it were. Assuming that you’re hoping to investigate the best sights to find in Kandy, make a beeline for the Torrington bus stop downtown.

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